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Zlate Liliana | Québec | 2017-09-08

I would like to share my experience regarding my recent purchase of the Jaguar at Decarie Motors. Yes, I fell in love with my fancy car, but also with the customer service, that added even more finesse to this deluxe car. I was impressed by the warm atmosphere and the professionalism, all the steps from welcoming to finalizing the sale and even the follow-up. Thank you Arun, you made me buy the car! Thank you Raphael for everything, for being such a gentleman! Congratulations to me for the purchase and to you for your excellent reputation! You made the difference... Lili

Jonathan A. | QC | 2015-09-15

Sincèrement, j'ai été très surpris et de façon très agréable par l'accueil ,le professionnalisme et la politesse du personnel. J'espère que cela continuera ainsi. Bravo...