The Jaguar E-Type Zero is confirmed

August 31 2018,

The Jaguar E-Type Zero is confirmed

A year after its first unveiling, the Jaguar E-Type Zero is now confirmed. It will be built by the Jaguar Classics division which has already started taking orders. We do not know yet how much it will cost, but we can pretty much confirm that it will certainly be a very desirable classic one day.

Based on the legendary E-Type Jaguar of the 1960s, the E-Type Zero incorporates the unmistakable style of the E-Type as well as its wooden steering wheel and seat design. LED lights, however, replace traditional headlights and the center console is now equipped with a central touch screen with a very modern style.

Under the hood, a new electric motor powered by a 40-kWh battery will propel the E-Type Zero and offers up to 200 kilometers of range. According to Jaguar, this engine is about the same size as the original engine found in the first E-Type. This makes it possible to keep several elements specific to the classic model and thus reproduce the road behavior of the original.

Several technical elements of the Jaguar I-Pace are also standard in the Jaguar E-Type Zero. To learn more about all new Jaguar models, contact us today at Decarie Jaguar!

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